Excited to announce that Terusama has been acquired by Velostics
Terusama Digital Yard Management

Truck Scheduling Simplified

Get logistics superpowers with the fastest growing dock management platform.

Track, measure & improve, stay informed, stay in control.

What if scheduling & check in were automatic?

Industry Challenges

Inefficiency is everywhere, but it's hard to pin down.

Wait Times
Variable inflow of vehicles throughout the day leads to on-site congestion and high detention charges.
Broken Comms
Synchronous 1-to-1 internal and external communication results in lost time and high effort.
Limited Planning
Un/loading resources can't be planned in advance and loads have to be prepared on short notice.
Lack of information, communication errors, stress and time pressure increase the risk of work-related accidents.

Terusama gives you superpowers

The hard work is taken care of.

Get setup in minutes with an experience that works like you'd expect it to.
Setup easy integrations with major TMS, WMS, and ERP providers.
Track, measure, and improve your ops with automated dashboards and scorecards.

By the Numbers.

Increased in capacity
Visibility and optimization save time and free up resources.
Less Time Spent Scheduling
We deal with dispatch so you can focus on what matters.
Fewer Missed Appointments
Loading / unloading avails are optimized to speed up handling time.
Make Data-driven Decisions
Automatic Carrier Scorecards

Track Carrier KPIs

  • On Time Arrival Rate
  • Claim Rate
  • Carrier Ranking and Deviation Alerts
  • Driver Performance
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TERUSAMA Enterprise

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